Capiz Lotus Chandelier is made of 1007 capiz shell petal flower. The capiz shell petals are formed into a lotus flower design hanging chandelier. It can give your entire surrounding a very special and very natural lightning effect. Its design shows elegance because of the lotus flower. You can decorate it in your house, condominiums, resorts or hotels. This Capiz Lotus Chandelier light fixture is fashionably designed not only to lighten a room but also to beautify it. This capiz shell is handmade done through the craftsmanship of our designers. It is available in any sizes.

Capiz Lotus Flower Chandelier in Natural White Color

Capiz Lotus Flower Chandelier in Charcoal Black Color


Available Sizes in cm / inches diameter:

– 50.80 cm / 20 inches diameter – Code: HLC20

Available in any Sizes and Capiz Shapes